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Er, hai dere!

So I'm slowly getting back into the LJ community since I've been absorbed into FaceBook and other such stuff.
I've never built a fursuit, so I guess I have to be given the "HAAIIII NEWBIE BOMBARDMENT OF DOOM" thing.
What might make be a bit disadvantaged is 1)I don't have a lot of sewing materials, let alone I gotta borrow a sewing machine to get things done and, 2) I am a cheap bastard.
BUT...I have my ambitions!
One little project I'd like to work on come next AC is..*points to display picture*
I know I'd have to get a unitard just as a base (anywhere between 30-+100$), and it looks like I can just borrow some old clothes for padding and put them in those "legging" doo-hickies. Would I need to buy a certain kind, though, to do it? Or can I just go to a sports store and pick some up?
The mouth appears to be as though I can use a hula hoop, but I question what I can do about support. Would I be able to just take some foam and shape the toes? How about the arms, though, as those are to be extended?--Don't have to be, though, but I want to be able to have that hand movement, though I might have to sacrifice that.
Would anyone know how to get all that skin detail?

Thaanks. ^^;


Well hai dere.

:3 You can call me Gamma. Uh...figured I should have a journal post at least one..even if this does belong in my bio. TIME TO EAT SOME COPY-PASTA!!
Uh, I'm a furry, a scaly, and a slimey.
I'm a gamer. Love Resident Evil and Silent Hill. The scary...the obscure, a bit of the old and new...*shrug* It depends, yo.
Love to RP, but I can be very snobby at what I do. I probably borderline elitist in some cases.
And I live in Central Florida. Meeting others is always fun!
Oh, I'm a retired band nerd. I miss being on the field and performing, but it's sad that I also note that I haven't been to any competitions lately to see what's going on. Even worse, I don't think USF accepts people from other schools. :( I'll have to check around wi'tat.
What else? I am a pervert--or furvert. And I have my own volcabulary! 8D

I think that covers enough ground.
So see ya later, nee?


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